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SMK Fomra College of Arts and Science was established under the reign of SHREE MOTILAL KANHAIYALAL FOMRA CHARITABLE TRUST. The TRUST was established in the year 1995 with a view to promote the cause of education with the philanthropic outlook of serving the economically and socially under privileged students. The institution plays significant role in building the capacity of individuals and contributing to the national development thereby inculcating social and cultural values in students.

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The institution uplifts the student community by offering global, holistic, & broad-based education which includes integrated learner-centric, inter-disciplinary teaching through Knowledge Empowerment and Integrated Skill Development. The institution indoctrinates core universal value among the students, by a Programmed training and guidance. The college promotes learning by practical learning, class rooms and laboratory learning, online learning, with endorsing knowledge on the latest updates on the subjects. The individual student’s academic excellence is addressed through the extent of knowledge empowerment and skill development and with an entrepreneurial approach.