Home Facilities

Student Convenience Stores

College store gratifies to all the stationary and academic needs of the students. The stores supplies text books, practical manuals, note books, laboratory records, drawing instruments, and other stationary articles needed for the students & staff at a very nominal cost. The materials that are made available at the stores are scrutinized for quality check before being delivered to the students and the corresponding departments.

First Aid & Medical Assistance

The College Sick Room provides the necessary health care services to all students at all times of college hours. The Sick Room is outfitted with 2 beds, first-aid supplies and medicines for primary treatment. Students are immediately tended to during such primary ailments within the college premises with at most care & concern. During emergency circumstances the students are transported to the nearby multispecialty hospital for an elaborate diagnosis & treatment opportunities.

Conference Hall

The conference hall in the campus is a well-equipped air conditioned hallway featuring the latest technology and amenities like LCD projectors, screens, white-boards to support conventional learning. It is a venue for regular academic activities like Conferences; Gust lectures workshops, Faculty development programs, seminars and training events.


Strict transportation safety regulations and decorum is enforced to ensure that student’s commutation is made more comfortable, accessible and safe. At present, there are 12 buses & 2 vans plying on different routes for the access of students and staff members which will be increased according to the intake.


We have a state-of-the-art Computer Science laboratory which is well furnished and equipped with all the recent amenities which is designed to be upgraded with the changing curriculum of Madras University. This practical learning helps the students get a sound knowledge to possess challenging career.


The accommodation is a well-furnished and aesthetically designed 2 story building for girls and 3 story buildings for boys. The hostel has been constructed with a view to provide best possible facilities and creates a conducive environment for the students making it possible for them to peruse studies at peace.

Sports Pavilion

While academics play a major role, sports & extracurricular activities rejuvenates the body and mind altogether. The college comprises of a well laid sports pavilion for basket ball, Volley ball, Cricket & badminton etc. The students are allotted with a strict schedule for availing these sports court facilities. Regular inter college sports matches are arranged to make the students realize their inner strength in sports education.


The cafeteria could easily accommodate about 100 students at a time. The students are supplied with delicious and nutritious vegetarian food. The place serves as a lightening up spot for students and staff during their busy schedule in pursuit of faultless excellence.


The air conditioned, spacious library provides access to huge volumes of books, Journals and reference materials for the benefit of students and faculties of the college. The digital library enables students to access virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility through NDL (National Digital Library).

Seminar Hall

Extra curricular activities are the best way to regain the lost energy and enhance the personality. The auditorium is a massive enclosure which could accommodate a large crowd in which various cultural events co curricular events organized by the students and national seminars.

Indoor Games

Playing indoor games apart from comforting the mind tends to improve the thought process. The Students are encouraged to play indoor games like chess, carom and table tennis every evening at the spacious indoor game avenue.


Much like the working world, college life can be stressful. Exercising is a great way to mitigate that stress. Keeping this fact in mind, we at MSK FOMRA encourage our students to hit the gym on regular basis. The college gymnasium is furnished with modern equipments enabling the students to work out and thereby develop healthy lifestyle choices that can be a foundation for success.


Extra curricular activities are the best way to regain the lost energy and enhance the personality. The auditorium is a massive enclosure which could accommodate a large crowd which has seen various cultural events co curricular events organized by the students.