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Department of Computer Science is offering B.Sc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. This is a 3 – Year Undergraduate Programme spread over six semesters. The course is designed to impart skills in the domain areas of a Problem solving and Modern application development. The course imparts the requisite professional skills and problem solving abilities for pursuing a successful career in software industry. This course assists scholars and prepares them for taking further higher studies in Computer Science specifically in the area of Artificial Intelligence.


Candidates for admission to the first year of the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence Courses should have studied Mathematics at Higher Secondary level.

Department of Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence is equipped with high-end configuration systems with internet connections and smart class rooms, Library with national & international Journals.

This program will equip the scholars in the understanding of systems, different programming languages and tools required for effective computation based problem solving and analysis.

The scholars will also be able to Utilize emerging technological tools in meeting the needs of technological and societal challenges, Attain sufficient knowledge related to computer domains, render technical, soft and hard skills and ways to apply them effectively.

At SMK FOMRA students can look forward to a challenging and productive educational experience. We are determined to maintain the academic excellence and continuosly innovate through introduction of latest technologies into academic curriculum and stay technologically relevant.

Course Outline

  • Problem Solving Using Python

  • Javascript & Data Structures

  • Relational Database Management System

  • Operating Systems

  • Computer Networks

  • Computer Vision

  • Cloud Computing

  • Internet Of Things

  • Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Block Chain Technology